10 Years On!

When Mr Morgan retired and closed his practice we realised that a new practice was needed for Greasby. We built a new family orientated dental practice for the Greasby community and after lots of planning we opened our doors in August 2009 and we have never looked back!

We would like to take this opportunity and thank our wonderful patients. We could not have done it without their trust through all these years. We appreciate that they recognise that we have put our heart and soul into this practice. Our patients have been our best referral source right from the start! Many of them have grown with us. From being young adults, getting married, having children, they bring their families, friends, and neighbours. Some have moved out of the area but continue to come back to see us. We are so flattered by this loyalty and are so incredibly grateful. We are looking forward to treating all our patients for many more years to come.

We could also not have done it without our wonderful, friendly and dedicated staff: Tasha, Fran, Magda, Matt, Alex, Vicky, Jacqui, Niki, Sue, Kylie, Rosie, Kate, Gemma and Heather as well as others that have moved on to other things and places. They have helped shape our practice into one that we all can be so proud of. We are thankful to all of them for putting a smile on their face and their commitment to excellence every day. They are always striving to impress us and our patients with their dedication and their continued desire for quality in everything they do at and for the practice and patients. We love our staff and could not ask for a better team. We hope to keep working together for many future years.

With a variety of comprehensive procedures, Greasby Dental Centre is always evolving with the latest techniques. Services include general and cosmetic dentistry for both adults and children. All of us, dentists and staff, are continuously on the lookout for the newest and best dental industry has to offer. We stay up to date and exceed our continuing professional development requirements to provide excellence for our patients. We believe that achieving quality in dentistry is never an accident but is accomplished through the commitment of both dentist and patient. With hopes for many more years, Greasby Dental Centre team look forward to serving our current and new patients with uncompromising integrity.

Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

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